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First thing, this is not a vanity page. I realize most people couldn't care less about the person who developed the web site they are viewing. I know, because I'm one of those people.

But if you are involved with Renaissance Faires you know that there are a LOT of people who really enjoy them. They dress in costume, they speak with an english accent and yes, they even criticize the costumes and accents of the other people (no wait, that's just me).

My wife has been going to Renfaires for over 20 years and currently makes and sells hand-made, one of a kind, clothing outfits (notice I did NOT call them costumes), for the Renaissance period. If you look at the "Renaissance Costumes and Clothing" link, you will see that I have a link to my favorite costume maker. It shouldn't be a surprise that link is to her site.

I researched what type of information people were searching the internet for when it came to "Renaissance" stuff. This site is the result of trying to have the information available that people are REALLY looking for. Not necessarily what I am interested in, but what you, the internet surfer, are interested in.

And as I said on the Home Page, if you want something added or corrected please email me. Enough interest and I will add more categories.


Ray Smith
Bedford, Texas







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