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Ghiberti, Lorenzo

Ghiberti, Lorenzo 1391-1455 sculptor, painter, and metalworker. Ghiberti is known for his bronze 'Doors of Paradise' which he entered in a contest. His work focused on nature, the human body, and classical tradition.

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The Life of Lorenzo Ghiberti

Lorenzo Ghiberti (1378 - December 1, 1455) was an important Renaissance artist, specializing in sculpture and metalworking.

His greatest project, which took him twenty-one years, were the doors to Florence's baptistery, having won the commission in a contest with Brunelleschi, designing a small engraving of "The Sacrifice of Isaac". These gilded bronze doors have twenty-eight panels each depicting a biblical scene from the New Testament. He then spent the next twenty-seven years working on a second door with ten panels depicting scenes from the Old Testament. These gates were so admired by Michelangelo that he nicknamed them the "Gates of Paradise."





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