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Most Renaissance Faires hold their faires at about the same time every year, but the dates change. I only show the start month for each faire. To see the exact dates just click on the 'Website' link for the faire.


Camelot Days


Location: Topeekeegee Yugnee Park
Fort Lauderdale


Month: November


Festival-Info: King Arthur has arrived at our village for a festival. However, the Great Yak Lord, the keeper of the Holy Grail, has met an untimely demise and, the Holy Grail is missing!!! King Arthur enlists the help of the villagers and patrons to find the Holy Grail. He who finds the Grail will be greatly rewarded. Of course there will be much fanfare and merriment throughout the festival day, as celebration of King Arthur's visit. Come join us at the Faire!


Directions: Take I-95 to Sheridan Street. Go West to N. Park Rd. Take a right (north). TY Park will be on your right


Phone: (876) 332-0047







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