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The Maine Renaissance Faire


Location: Lord Road
Start Date: 7/17/2005
End Date: 8/22/2005
Festival-Info: Yorkshire village is happy to welcome both you and Her Majesty in your visits to our town. Enjoy a golden, sun-streamed, warm, leafy, lovely, English summer's day. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, on procession from London, is coming to visit Yorkshire to celebrate at a country Faire with Her most beloved subjects. But, the Queen may discover civil incivilities to be a growing problem during this otherwise glorious Festival. Remarkably, the shire has been overtaken by Pirates who are led by that legendary warrior woman, Grace O'Malley. She and her Pirates were recently in the employ of Queen Elizabeth during the invasion of Cadiz. Now they have threatened mutiny because they have not been paid a penny for their weeks of service. Her Majesty, whiled a wee bit peeved, is not unmindful of their position. It seems that she has not been paid either, although Her Commanders are reported to have plundered quite well. Not wishing to appear to give in to the Pirates' demands, yet sympathetic to their plight, Her Majesty has sent word that she shall proceed to the shire on the day of the annual Faire. She shall hold Court in an atmosphere of conviviality and allow Grace to present the Pirates' case.
Directions: From Interstate 95 heading South, take the Maine Turnpike Exit 32 (formerly Exit 4) and make a right onto route 111. Follow Route 111 and it will magically turn into route 202 (you'll junction it, but you don't have to turn). Take Route 202 through Sanford and into Lebanon. Look for our Maine Renaissance Faire sign on the left hand side of the road in yellow and purple and make the next left onto Long Swamp Road. Make the next left onto Lord Rd. and you will find us just about 3/4 of a mile down that road. On your left
Phone: (207) 926-5693




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