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Most Renaissance Faires hold their faires at about the same time every year, but the dates change. I only show the start month for each faire. To see the exact dates just click on the 'Website' link for the faire.


Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire


Location: Maris Farms





This fantasy faire is the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. During the 2006 season they drew over 80,000 guests.

Feel the ground tremble to the pounding hooves of great war horses charging down the list, carrying armored knights jousting for king, queen, country, or the hand of a fair maiden. Hear the ring of clashing steel shatter the tranquility of our 16th century village


Directions: Directions to the New Faire Site in Buckley WA:
From Hwy 167 or from Hwy 512, go to the junction of Hwy 410 in Puyallup and head toward Enumclaw. At the top of the hill you can turn left on 181st. Ave E. which becomes the Sumner Buckley hwy and travel 4.8 miles Or you can continue on Hwy 410 and turn left at any of the lights which permit left turn and all will bring you down to the Sumner Buckley Hwy, where you will turn right. Follow the signs and the Faire will be on your left.


Phone: (800) 587-0172







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