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Most Renaissance Faires hold their faires at about the same time every year, but the dates change. I only show the start month for each faire. To see the exact dates just click on the 'Website' link for the faire.


Tamarack Renaissance Faire
West Virginia

Location: Tamarack Park




Festival-Info: Queen Elizabeth and her court visit the Shire of Tamarack welcoming guests to enjoy entertainment throughout the Shire.

Meet memorable characters like Luigi Locorini, the foot washer, Chally the stilt walker, and Marianne Lovitt, the matchmaker.

Music fills the air with the sounds of chorales, bagpipers, and horns.

A band of gypsies delight visitors with their belly dancing.

William Shakespeare recites his favorite works.

Jugglers, a court jester, and royal knights in armor add to the charm of the day.

Anxious village merchants sell stoneware dragons and gargoyles, tankards and hand-forged knives, Renaissance hats and wines from the region’s finest vintners.

Roast pig, beef stew in bread bowls, turkey legs, and freshly made breads tempt your taste buds.











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